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       ...excellently sung by soprano Marjorie Patterson...
                         (Paul Turok in Turoks Choice, October 2002)

Karl Friedrich Curschmann (1805-1841), who was born in Berlin and studied with Louis Spohr, counted for a half-century among the most popular composers of lieder. His compositions were praised by Rellstab, Ftis, and other respected critics particularly for the melodic inspiration, the natural and sensitive text-settings, and the choice of substantial poetry. Curschmann was one of  the first composers to set poems by romantic authors such as Eichendorff and Uhland and by his friend Hoffmann von Fallersleben. The lieder of Curschmann that were heard in the Berlin salons and  reprinted in countless song anthologies were primarily those accessible to amateur singers. This is why he became known as a master of the short, simple song. The present CD, however, demonstrates a  wider expressive scope-ranging from lyrical miniatures to rarely published dramatic ballads and lieder, sung by prominent opera singers of his time in their concerts.

The CD, which contains world premiere recordings of 31 lieder and is accompanied by a substantial booklet, will perhaps contribute toward the long overdue revival of Curschmann's  charming and moving compositions. A new edition of the music is under way.